Aloe Vera Oil 1L 芦荟油
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Aloe vera is commonly used by the cosmetic, food, and beverage industry. It is widely used in personal care products, such as lip balms, lotions, and other skincare treatments. 


芦荟油是由芦荟中透明胶状物加上为乳化(Liposome)制作而成, 内含保湿剂、稠化剂及湿润剂. 其中所含的纯油性芦荟凝液, 能给予灼伤、擦伤以及日晒后失去水份的肌肤更深层的滋润与养份, 并迅速修复受损的细胞组织, 促使细胞再生, 并使您的肌肤恢复健康.

芦荟油含天然胶性物质, 保水木质素, 具有强渗透物质, 能帮助营养素渗透进入肌肤皂角), 具有强力清洁、抗菌力作用, 能让天然皂具有消炎、消肿、抑制细菌生长、止痒、止痛等效果, 适用于各种肤质, 尤其对油性皮肤及易发炎皮肤很有助益.

芦荟油是一种很好的化妆护肤品添加剂, 能对以此制作的产品起到抑制自由基引起的脂质过氧化作用, 对于入皂方面, 建议作超脂(Super Fatting)使用.


Health Benefits

1. Massage Oil

Aloe Vera oil can be used as a massage oil. It penetrates well and feels soothing to the skin. One can use essential oils with this oil as an aromatherapy massage.

2. Healing Skin Wounds
Aloe vera provides wound healing nutrients to this oil. One can apply it on a wound, cut, scrape or even a bruise. It prompts the skin to heal faster. It also helps in reducing the scar. However, for burns and sunburns, the pure Aloe Vera gel can be more effective as it is much more cooling and soothing. It is good for healing post surgical scars.

3. Dermatitis
Aloe Vera oil is an anti-irritant. It also provides some nutrients to the skin, especially amino acids as Aloe Vera gel is rich in them. One can apply this directly for relief from conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

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