Summer Soap Premium Coconut Oil (RBD) Food Grade 1000ml (1L) Soap Making Oil / Skincare DIY / Cooking Oil / Hair Oil
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Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products. It's naturally antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oil.

Coconut Oil is also known as pure coconut oil, is great for hydrating skin and it deeply penetrates to condition, moisturize and soften skin and hair.

Pure Coconut oil is suitable to use for hair, body, face, nail care, massage oil, making soap, skin care..

1. Excellent skin moisturizes
2. Gently deep cleansing
3. Soften skin and impurities clogged on pores
4. Anti bacterial
5. Treats stretch mark
6. Treats acne
7. Improves skin conditions including razor burn, minor wounds and pimples
8. Protects skin from sunburn
9. Reduces wrinkles
10. Prevents premature aging
11. Retains natural protein of follicles
12. Improves dandruff and dry scalp
13. Stimulates hair growth
14. Adds luster, shines and softness to the hair
15.Moisture and strengthen nails

椰子油是製作手工皂不可缺少的油脂之一, 富含飽和脂肪酸, 可以製作出潔淨力強、泡沫豐富、顏色雪白且質地堅硬的皂.為避免潔淨力強帶來皮膚乾澀感, 所以用量不適宜過高.

椰子油主要成分為十二酸(月桂酸)及肉荳蔻等甘油脂,富含飽和脂肪酸. 可以為肌膚補充充足的油脂養分,特別有益於頭髮,使乾燥、黯淡的頭髮恢復光澤、亮麗,對於乾燥皮膚也有良好的滋潤效果.

手工皂建議用量 : 15-20%

皂化值 NaOH : 0.19

kOH : 0.2660

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