Hazelnut Oil Refined 1000ml Soap Making Oil / Carrier Oil / Base Oil / Massage Oil
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Not only is hazelnut oil moisturizing, as you might expect, but it also has a reputation as being a good oil for oily skin, since its natural properties help balance oils. Hazelnut oil has been used for oily skin and minimizing the size of pores because of its unique properties. A high content of catechins and tannins (healthy flavonoids) make this oil a “dry” oil that feels smooth and toning on the skin. Its properties help balance oils and make your pores appear smaller.


榛果油含有各种矿物质、 维生素A、B1、B2、D、E、卵磷脂和蛋白质 , 其扩散力和渗透力非常好, 而且不会在表面留下油迹,是评价很高的精油媒介油.

榛果油有軟化滋潤的作用, 有助肌膚的再生, 有效防止老化, 擁有優異持久的保濕力, 也具有刺激循環系統的功效, 其質地清爽, 能夠迅速滲入皮膚, 防上水分流失, 還具有收斂、淨化肌膚的功效, 對於青春痘、粉刺都有改善效果.

榛果油適合各種類型的肌膚, 特別是對於油性膚質、毛孔粗大者.

入皂特性 : 榛果油屬軟性油脂, 泡沫少, 保濕力強, 洗感清爽.

建議使用量: 20-60%

皂化值NaOH : 0.139

KOH : 0.195

INS值: 94

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