Summer Soap Mugwort Artmesia Argyi Powder 50g Plant Herbal Powder Wormwood Cosmetic Grade Weight Loss Pain Relief 艾草粉
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Since ancient times, wormwood is famous for its heat preservation, purification, sleep aid and moxibustion. In the past, we mostly tie wormwood and Changpu into a string and hung it at the door during the Dragon Boat Festival.


In fact, in addition to religious factors, this is also because the fifth day of the lunar calendar is just a hot summer.  A lot of viruses and mosquitoes breed and infectious diseases are easily spread everywhere. The unique essential oil composition of wormwood can enhance physical strength and maintain health.

The main benefits of mugwort Powder:

  • Ease menstrual pain
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Promote dream retention
  • Help with weight loss efforts
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Detoxify the body
  • Help regulate diabetes

This specialty tea also has some side effects, such as allergic reactions and pregnancy complications. The active components in mugwort are also very powerful and can be toxic in excessive amounts. This for handmade soap, soak foot and so on.

For external Use.


Hot to make Wormwood Soap

  • Coconut oil 120g
  • Palm oil 130g
  • Olive oil 140g
  • Rice bran oil 130g
  • Castor oil 60g
  • Sweet almond oil 60g
  • Cocoa butter 60g
  • Pure water or breast milk 212g
  • Sodium hydroxide 101g
  • Additives: 7g of wormwood powder
  • 7g of mulberry leaf powder
  • Essential oils: 5g each of tea tree, lavender, and lavender essential oils

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