Pure Red Palm Oil (Premium Food Grade) 5L Soap Making / Carrier Oil 红棕榈油 (特级)
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Red palm oil contains the most abundant amount of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil.This oil is rich with natural elements that can help to heal sunburn, stretch marks and deeply moisturize the skin, especially for sufferers of dry and sensitive skin. Palm oil in cleansing soaps contain a special agent that helps to remove the dirt and restore the natural balance of skin oils, leaving the skin with a smooth, silky feeling. 

Benefits of red palm oil

Moisturize the skin,Delay the signs of aging,Reduce acne,Cure inflammation,Fade blemishes,Prevent stretch marks,Reduce pigmentation,Stimulate hair growth,Restore skin problems,Rich in vitamin B and vitamin E.

* In addition to being rich in saturated fatty acids, red palm oil has a particularly high carotene content, which is 30 times that of carrots. Its beauty effect is also very good. Due to the high content of carotene and vitamin E (antioxidant), it can help repair wounds or rough skin. Long-term use has great effects on improving the skin and can make the skin more bouncy.

*Red palm oil contains the richest vitamins A and E in any vegetable oil. The oil is rich in natural ingredients and can help heal sunburns, stretch marks and deeply moisturize the skin. It is especially suitable for patients with dry and sensitive skin. The palm oil in the cleansing soap contains a special additive that can help remove dirt and restore the natural balance of skin oils, giving the skin a smooth and silky feel.

*Because it contains a very large amount of antioxidant vitamin E, it helps to repair wounds or rough skin, and has great effect on the skin. Therefore, it is also suitable for skin care products. Because the oil itself is stable and suitable It is also suitable for body lotion and lip balm.

*The other is the natural red nature of red palm oil, which is a natural substitute, used on handmade soap to make the handmade soap appear natural bright yellow or bright orange.




Try out these great recipes with our Premium Red Palm Oil:


1) Mask of the red palm oil:

Two tablespoons of clay powder

Two tablespoons of red palm oil 

1 egg

Mix clay powder, red palm oil and egg to obtain a paste, then spread the paste you get on the face for twenty minutes then rinse completely with lukewarm water. After that you can spread a lotion to tone the skin.


2) Pre-shampoo application:

1/4 cup of red palm oil

1/4 cup of coconut milk

2 tbsp of coconut oil

Few drops of lavender essential oil 

Gradually mix all the ingredients together, starting with red palm oil. While adding coconut oil and milk, stir constantly so the mixture becomes uniform. Then heat it in the microwave for about 25-30 seconds (just to warm it up) and then apply on hair. After that, put on shower cap and leave the mixture for at least 1 hour (ideally for 4). Rinse it off with warm water and then wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

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