Peppermint Arvensis Essential Oil 30ml 薄荷精油
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Common Cold:

Add drops of peppermint essential oil to hot water or a steamer and inhale the vapours. Cover yourself with a cloth so that the vapours do not pass away. Inhaling vapours of peppermint essential oil opens the blocked nose, dry cough and clears throat irritation. Menthol being anti-inflammatory helps in controlling asthma.

Head Ache:

Mix 2ml peppermint essential oil with 8ml of sweet almond oil, apply the oil over forehead and centre of your head. This is known to reduce head ache and provide relief from stress and strain. It is also known increase memory power and alertness when applied regularly.

Hair massage:

Peppermint essential oil hair massage is a shoot out to all hair problems. Any kind of hair and scalp allergies including dandruffs and lice is ruled out with the aromatic flavour of peppermint. Also mint being antiseptic antibacterial reduces hair infections killing lice and odour causing germs. So when the hair problems are solved the result is truly lustrous long hair.

Skin Care:

Peppermint oil massage over body and face before shower is a remedy for flawless perfect skin. It is a solution for any imperfections like pimples over face and back, scars, scaly skin and also bad odour caused by sweat. You can even add peppermint essential oil to the bath water and carry your normal shower. The oil is widely used in spa treatments and can be blended along with face packs to enjoy the benefits.

Peppermint essential oil is also an excellent foot care which is known to treat foot fungus. Massage your feet with mint oil and wear a pair of clean socks overnight to work out foot fungus or you can even soak under hot water with mint oil dissolved in it.

Joint Pains:

Peppermint being an anti-inflammatory helps to reduce joint pains and arthritis. It also relieves cramps and muscle pains. Add 1ml peppermint essential oil, 1ml ginger essential oil, 5ml wintergreen essential oil with 3ml sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. Massage with the oil thoroughly on the joint pain areas.

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