Summer Soap Olive Oil Pomace 5L Natural Cold Pressed Oil / Carrier Oil / Base Oil / Minyak Kulit / Soap Making Oil 果渣橄榄油
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Oive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. 

100% Natural Cold Pressed Pure Olive Oil


From Top To Toe Multi-Purpose


-Paraben Petroleum Free


-No Synthetic Fragrances


-No Synthetic Colors


-No Animal Testing


-Paraben Free


100% Pure Natural Olive Oil derived from the Olea Europaea (olive) shrub and is one of the most popular base oil. Its high stability, invigorating scent and cosmetic versatility make it ideal for all skin and hair types, and it is most commonly used to pro mote softer hair and skin.


Olive Oil Benefit


Long-lasting moisturizing.


Nutritious for Skin




Help nail grow


Soothes Irritation.


Fight dandruff


Soften Cuticles


In the glyceride of olive oil, the unsaturated fatty acid composition is similar to that of human milk, and the content of polybond linoleic acid and linolenic acid is almost the same as human milk, so it is easily absorbed by human skin. Olive oil is also rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and K, so it can promote the metabolism of skin cells and hair follicles. The vitamin E and unsaponifiable components contained in it can promote the proliferation of skin collagen, maintain skin firmness and elasticity, and have anti-aging effects.


In addition to its excellent moisturizing and nourishing effects, olive oil also has a certain sunscreen effect. It is an important raw material for making natural cosmetics and skin care products and handmade soaps.


Soap characteristics: Olive oil is a soft oil, which can make extremely mild and moisturizing soap. Its cleaning power is weak, and although the foaming property is not good, it can produce very fine and stable foam.


Suggested use: no limit (traditional old grandmother soap is made in 100% proportion)


Saponification value :


NaOH : 0.134


KOH : 0.19


INS value: 109

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