Summer Soap Olive Oil Pure 5L Natural Cold Pressed Oil / Carrier Oil / Base Oil / Minyak Kulit / Soap Making Oil 纯橄欖油
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100% Natural Cold Pressed Pure Olive Oil

From Top To Toe Multi-Purpose

-Paraben Petroleum Free

-No Synthetic Fragrances

-No Synthetic Colors

-No Animal Testing

-Paraben Free


100% Pure Natural Extea Virgin Olive Oil derived from the Olea Europaea (olive) shrub and is one of the most popular base oil. Its high stability, invigorating scent and cosmetic versatility make it ideal for all skin and hair types, and it is most commonly used to promote softer hair and skin.


Olive Oil Benefit

  • Long-lasting moisturizing
  • Nutritious for skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Help nail grow
  • Soothes irritation
  • Fight dandruff
  • Soften cuticles


橄榄油的甘油酯中, 不饱和脂肪酸成分类似人乳,其中多键亚油酸和亚麻酸含量几乎与人乳相同, 因此容易被人体肌肤吸收, 橄榄油中还富含维生素A、B、D、E和K, 故有促进皮肤细胞及毛嚢的新陈代谢作用, 其中所含有的维生素E和非皂化物成分, 能促进皮胶原增生, 维护肌肤紧致与弹性, 及具有抗老化功效.


橄榄油除了具有优良润肤养肤功效, 还有一定的防晒作用, 是制作天然化妆护肤品、手工皂的重要原料.


入皂特性 : 橄榄油属软性油脂, 能制作出极温和滋润的皂, 其清洁力弱, 虽然起泡性不佳但能产生非常细致稳定的泡沫.


建议使用量 : 没有限制(传统老祖母皂是以100%比例制成的)


皂化值 :


NaOH : 0.134


KOH : 0.19


INS 值 : 109

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