Summer Soap Pure Natural Melt and Pour Glycerine Soap Base 1kg Transparent Handmade Soap/ DIY Soap/ MP Soap
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You can make your very own DIY handmade soap at home. Just melt the soap base and add in some essential oils and vitamin E, pour into mold and wait for it to set before use!


Melt & Pour Transparent Soap Base (Glycerin) - Standard is one of the finest soap base in the market, offering superior re-melting and moisturizing effect. It provides gentle all-over cleansing for the face, hands and body. It is made of skin friendly ingredients, without the use of alcohol. Many soap bases in the market contain alcohol which dries your skin! Our transparent soap base contains glycerin, which is a humectant that draws and seals moisture into your skin. This allows the skin to remain hydrated and soft.


• High natural humectant (Glycerin) content: high moisturizing ability

• Formulated without alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents

• Natural vegetable sources (free from pore-clogging animal ingredients)

• Stable of repeated melt and pour process without causing cloudiness in the soap

• Easily rinsed off and leaves no soapy film behind

• Odorless base, for superior fragrance release

• Compatible with wide range of fragrances and emollients

Ingredients: Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Sucrose, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Distilled water, Sodium Citrate\

Direction of Use:

1) Cut & Melt Cut and weigh the desired amount of soap base into small pieces to for shorter duration of melting process. Melt the soap base evenly according to the recommended melting temperature.

2) Add & Mix Add in the ingredients such as fragrance, essential oil, colorant, etc. Mix well until all ingredients are fully distributed into the soap base. (Don't over mix as it will make the soap paste got lots of bubbles!)

3) Pour & Set Pour the soap base mixture into soap molds (work quickly) and let the soap base mixture cool down to set and harden.

4) Pack & Ready Once the soap base mixture fully hardens, remove the soap from the mold. We would recommend wrapping the soap soonest possible to protect and preserve the soap. Then, it is ready to use or for sale with your own product packaging and labeling.

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