Palm Oil 1L 棕榈油
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Palm oil has been consumed for many years in West Africa. Its health benefits are numerous and still many yet to be discovered. It is the most widely produced vegetable oil in the world. Using palm oil on your skin and hair is very beneficial. Palm oil in cleansing soaps contain a special agent that helps to remove the dirt and restore the natural balance of skin oils, leaving the skin with a smooth, silky feeling.

油棕树的果实精炼而成的油脂,主要成分为三棕榈酸甘油脂及甘油三油酸脂的甘油酸脂. 含有40%多的油酸,有一定的保湿力,通常用于增加皂的坚固度.

棕榈油是从油棕树上的棕果中榨取出来的. 主要来源是非洲油料棕榈, 原产于热带非洲, 亦产于中美洲、马来西亚及印度尼西亚等地.

棕榈油含有相当高的棕榈酸和油酸, 是手工皂必备的油脂之一, 能制作出对皮肤温和、洁净力好且坚硬厚实的香皂, 不过起泡力不高, 所以一般都配搭椰子油使用.

手工皂建议使用量 : 10-100%

皂化值 NaOH : 0.141

KOH : 0.199

INS 值 : 145

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